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“The New Flavor Tops™ Cap is Creating As Much of A Sensation as the Twist” Says Donald Spector, Chairman of Innovation Fund

A new patented cap that will fit on any bottle of water and turn it into virtually any beverage was announced two weeks ago by Donald Spector, Chairman of Innovation Fund ( The cap can contain multiple ingredients to give consumers freshness they have never had before, and yes, it can contain alcohol.

“Since the announcement of Flavor Tops, we have received tremendous interest from many of the largest players in the world,” says Spector. While Innovation Fund has licensed the product to a large multi-national corporation for general distribution it reserves rights to the Government, China and Japan. “For FEMA and the Army this is a dream come true. There are bottles of water everywhere for troops and now soldiers can just choose their favorite flavor. Soon, however, the staple of bottled water will be able to change its use as needed - from a Power Drink, to a food supplement or medication - all by simply putting on one of our caps,” added Spector.

Innovation Fund has been working on the design with Nottingham- Spirk Design Associates for some time. Nottingham-Spirk has brought over $30 Billion worth of new products to market. “They have the ability to make Flavor Tops a household item,” says Spector.

Spector continued that while Flavor Tops (named Innovation of the week in the Fortune Forum June 1st) is one of his favorite products, there is another product he is also developing for the military and commercial markets that will turn a small coin into a bandage with antibiotics and alcohol. Or impregnated with soap, it can be used by kids for bathing, as well as around the kitchen and for industrial uses.

“Flavor Tops will to be out on the market by early 2007 and it will open up a world of choices for consumers, as well as let brand names from all kinds of areas get inside the closed beverage market. You don’t have to be Coca Cola to be in the refrigerated section of a convenience store anymore,” added Spector. “Just buy a cold bottle of water, screw on any one of hundreds of non-refrigerated Flavor Tops caps and you’ve got your favorite drink. Brand names like Nike, Polo or Power Rangers will have the opportunity to give the giant beverage companies a run for their money.”

Innovation Fund hopes it’s twisting time all over again.

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