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New York College of Health Professions Is Showing that Holistic Health is one of the Hottest Fields For Students

New York College of Health Professions is more than 25 years old. When it was started, its current President Lisa Pamintuan was just 13 years old and a national tennis champion who just three years later, at 16, would play at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. In many ways this College, which has both undergraduate and graduate programs in holistic health, has always been a bit unconventional. But Neutraceuticals and Complementary Health care are now becoming the choice of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. As more people are dissatisfied with our health care system that often does not address the chronic needs of those needing pain management or rehabilitation, they are turning in droves to Complementary forms of medicine. Today even major medical centers often recommend Massage Therapy or Acupuncture for their patients in conjunction with receiving Western treatment.

In the last few years New York College of Health Professions trained hundreds of nurses at Bellevue Hospital, the oldest Hospital in America, in the techniques of Massage therapy under a Workforce Retraining Grant from New York State. Both the nurses and patients loved the experience.

As the world becomes smaller Western medicine is reaching even the remote areas of China, and conversely, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques like acupuncture and massage are becoming commonplace in the United States. Other forms of Complementary medicine are also making their way into the general marketplace.

Both Shirley MacLaine and Al Roker have delivered commencement addresses to graduating classes at New York College, and while the former is certainly far from center Al Roker from the “Today Show” is about as mainstream as you can get. He said last month to the Class of 2006, “…more and more people are really beginning to realize the benefits, the actual healing properties and powers of different cultures’ medicines, I think you are really on the cutting edge’.

Lisa Pamintuan says “The school offers an opportunity for many people who are starting a new career or changing careers to become a health professional in as little as 24 months. As a licensed health professional our graduates can start their own businesses, work in hospitals, spas, resorts or even on cruise ships”. “It also provides our graduates with the opportunity to see and help patients get better. Unfortunately, our health care centers take in very ill patients and release them as soon as possible, certainly not when they are really better”.

These therapies are becoming more popular not just for illness, but for wellness. “We have smoking cessation clinics, appetite suppressing techniques as well as major programs in pain management and control,” says Pamintuan.

“Shirley MacLaine is a brilliant woman and while I might not agree with everything she says she was fascinating to listen to. Al Roker was insightful in understanding that while Western medicine thinks it has all the answers, other cultures have been around for thousands of years and have actually been dealing with health problems long before the traditional Western medicines were,” said Pamintuan.

The College believes in the field called Integrative medicine, which combines the best of both. It has Visiting Professors that include well known medical doctors, former university Presidents, psychologists and others of varied backgrounds in addition to our core full-time and adjunct faculty.

The College has expanded dramatically and is now entering the publishing field, launching a new clothing line that has therapeutic value and its own line of supplements. “We don’t have the classical Ivy, but we have a lot of plants that will do a lot more for you,” says Ms. Pamintuan.

From a regional school on Long Island, New York, the College has expanded and now owns a 35 acre facility in Lou Yang, China. It is exploring other national and international centers for spas and clinics.

New York College will be introducing an educational program and book on the ‘Science of Self Improvement’ in the fall that will use many techniques to work with people at all stages in their lives to achieve better health and prosperity.

Unlike a traditional College, New York College of Health Professions sees its endowments coming from its products and services to the community, as well as from donors.