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New Technology to Save the Toy Animals

Donald Spector, Chairman of Innovation Fund (, announces a revolution in the doll and plush markets. For over ten years the company has been developing products to deal with the ever growing problem of shipping plush. “With the high costs of energy and limited space in stores, large plush (stuffed) animals are soon to hit the ‘endangered species list’,” say Spector. There are also problems with keeping these products clean at the retail level.

Working with Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates the two companies, which have over 30 billion dollars in consumer products on the market, are introducing a line of Children’s Books that have the characters in the story “Pop Out” of the back of the book.

While the publishing industry is in trouble this represents a back to basics line that is wholesome fun and educational at the same time. Whether you are buying the product for the book or the story, the value of having a character emerge from the inside is going to be sensational and books are going to be fun.

Spector sees a line of books for Disney in the future. A book can be about “My Trip to DisneyWorld” and from the back cover a 20” plush figure pops out of the book! The technology is a major advance. The product looks and feels like a regular stuffed character but it can be compressed and recompressed continuously. It is like a Jack in the Box, except it comes out of the box and feels like a plush animal, not like a batch of springs. This is a perfect vehicle to re-issue many of the classics stories, including seasonal product. “We see this as a staple. Like Golden Books, only with a value added. We see it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and K Mart. We hope it will be the new must have,” says Spector.

Retailers, publishers and marketing companies have shown great interest and the product will be launched in the first quarter of 2007, but there is a chance it might be some test markets for the 2006 holiday season.

Donald Spector is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of New York College of Health Professions (, which will be launching a line of educational textbooks later this year.

The first book in that series will be a book on success co-authored by Senator Michael Balboni and Barbara E. Carver. That book, which explains a new, unique molecular model of social interaction, will also be embodied with new technology.

“The book industry has not kept pace with the times,” explains Spector. “While special books like those from Leapfrog introduce electronics, the “Pop Out” books contain technology but are still warm and fuzzy. The technology for textbooks that will be introduced in the College’s line of books will simply blow the lid off of what we call books and provide a seamless interaction between books and computers.

“When I first started exploring the book business I couldn’t believe the small quantity of each publication. It becomes a self fulfilling prophesy where there is not enough money for marketing or advertising. We believe our entry into the market with powerful partners will change the industry and hopefully get kids interested in books again,” Spector stated.

Mary Rodas, who worked with Donald Spector on many of his early inventions, was Co- Chairperson of the March of Dimes Reading Champions Program with Barbara Bush. “These products,” says Mary “will knock people’s socks off!”