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Flavor Tops from Innovation Fund Selected as
“The Next Big Thing” from the U.S.
by the Global Soft Drinks Congress in Madrid

Flavor Tops Caps were winner of the 2006 Global Design Award from the Bottled Water Industry

Barbara Carver, a partner in Innovation Fund who accepted the design award just a few months ago from BottledWaterWorld for best closure, presented Flavor Tops® at the Global Soft Drinks Congress in Madrid last week.

Ms. Carver was formerly Vice President of Business Development at Charles of the Ritz, a division of the Squibb Corporation, which included brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Versace fragrances, Bain de Soliel, Jean Nate, Enjoli, several prestige cosmetic lines and the Aroma Disc System (the first electronic air freshener). She was extremely pleased to be asked to speak before the international gathering of soft drink and beverage executives about Flavor Tops. These unique proprietary caps can change any bottle of plain water into almost any type of flavored drink, nutritional supplement, energy or sports drink, alcoholic beverage or even medicine by simply twisting onto the bottle. “The Flavor Tops technology is a natural for the bottled water industry and I wanted to get our message across that we are also important for additives to the Soft Drink and Beverage industries,” Ms Carver said. “I received great interest in our caps from the major multi-national companies including PepsiCo and Schweppes/Cadbury. It was an honor to be recognized under the banner of ‘The Next Big Thing’ for this industry,” she added.

Flavor Tops continue to get interest throughout the world and are scheduled to be launched this year. Many top companies in the food and beverage categories are working on applications for their own brands and products. There has been intense interest from schools, the military and other government applications, in addition to the regular consumer market. “As freshness, flavor variety and the potency of vitamins and other supplements become more important to the consumer, I believe Flavor Tops will become a significant way to deliver these benefits,” Ms. Carver commented. “It is easier to carry around your favorite flavor and type of drink enhancement in a cap and then just screw them onto any bottle, than it is to carry around the bottle!” With airline and travel regulations, this will become more of a necessity than a luxury in the future.

Before the Flavor Tops caps have even been introduced, they were chosen as ‘Innovation of the Week’ by Fortune magazine, won the 2006 International Best Closure Design Award and have now have been selected as the ‘The Next Big Thing.’ “Wait until they hit the store shelves!” says an excited Ms. Carver.

Flavor Tops has been licensed for certain applications and territories to a multi-billion dollar global Flavor and Fragrance supplier, while Innovation Fund has retained the remaining rights. The product is under consideration by top beverage consumer product companies in emerging markets which are presently working on their own strategies to adopt this new patented technology.

Innovation Fund ( is a world leader in innovations and technology and has ventured with Nottingham Spirk on the new Flavor Tops concept. Together these firms have introduced over 30 billion dollars in product to the marketplace. Innovation Fund LLC owns proprietary technologies from Computer and Satellite technologies to Consumer products and Entertainment properties. It licenses to or joint ventures with Fortune 500 companies and is a worldwide leader in innovation.