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“Bet You Can’t Bust Our Balzac”

The hundred-million dollar brand that started with the controversial slogan “Bet You Can’t Bust Balzac” at MTV Spring Break, is back stronger and better than ever!

After 15 years Balzac Balloon Balls have become a classic in the toy industry. An industry that has seen most products come and go as the kids and their relevance become older. “Balzac is not that kind of toy line,” says Don Spector, inventor of Balzac and Chairman of Innovation Fund LLC ( It is always fun to play with and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Balzac Balloon Balls and Balzac products have sold millions of units around the world.

First introduced by a 14 year old girl, Mary Rodas, “Balzac goes longer than that battery bunny… it just keeps going and going” she commented recently. Mary, who was admitted to the Hispanic American Hall of Fame for her work in developing this multi-million dollar sensation, is now 30 years old and a Mentor in the Scholastic Magazine Series.

“Anyone who has visited DisneyWorld during the last decade always comes back with stories about the big, bright, colorful balloon balls,” adds Mary, who was known as the ‘teenage toy tycoon’ in the 90’s and is currently appearing in a special feature on the History Channel. “I guess while it’s sad to see the toy industry in the doldrums both from a stock and consumer point of view, eventually it will come back and have another renaissance.”

Balzac 2, the next evolution of this enduring product line, is stronger and will last longer. It retains the fascination and properties of the original balloon ball, but will have some special properties, such as being able to stay tighter, stronger and retain its bounce longer thanks to a new patent pending technology developed by Innovation Fund, a world leader in technology development. It is a little heavier for use outdoors, and has these incredible spins that will make it a great product as well as a teaching product for other sports. Balzac 2 will also be incorporated in racket kits and a larger line than the original Balzac product array. While Balzac normally uses its own name as the license, it has Disney licenses and has had Marvel characters including Spiderman, Ninja Turtles and many other licenses. Balzac has also been a large premium item for companies like Hungry Jacks (Burger King, Australia) to Microsoft and many in between.

The company expects Balzac 2 to enter the final stages of development and production in 2007and be in a full rollout in 2008. “While remaining a staple in the industry, the Brand has been under marketed. However now, with new properties, we expect a major revival of this classic toy that has generated over 100 million dollars in sales” said Spector. “It’s ‘Dejà Vu’ all over again, to quote Yogi Berra.”

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