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Innovation Fund Announces that Flavor Tops
Can Give Travelers Some Relief from
Airline Terrorism Panic!

Senator Michael Balboni, Chairman of the New York State Senate Committee on Homeland Security, lauded the innovation of Flavor Tops

Nothing hit weary travelers as badly as having to wait on long lines and throw away all liquids in the wake of last week’s terror alert. Flavor Tops, the newest proprietary product from Innovation Fund LLC, allows a cap to contain all the ingredients necessary to turn a regular bottle of water into a favorite drink, supplement, medicine or hundreds of other uses. With Flavor Tops the flavor and/or nutrient ingredients are contained in the cap and are released at time of consumption when screwed onto any bottle of water to create your desired drink. Earlier Innovation Fund announced that with microencapsulated alcohol it could now actually turn water into wine. With the growing restrictions in traveling, Flavor Tops has just increased its market potential, which the company believes is in the billions of dollars.

Chairman Donald Spector also announced that “Flavor Tops” has been selected as a finalist in the 2006 BottledWaterWorld Design Awards. Innovation Fund ( is a world leader in innovation and technology and has ventured with Nottingham-Spirk on the new Flavor Tops concept. Together these firms have introduced over 30 billion dollars in product to the marketplace. “It’s great to have success, but it’s equally important to have the satisfaction of having a product that can help people. Flavor Tops will become a world wide sensation and has applications for the military and FEMA as well as the general public,” said Donald Spector, inventor. “This product adds more than simple convenience. It provides for a compact choice of beverage which can save weight and space, and provide greater opportunities in the field,” added Senator Michael Balboni, Chairman of the New York State Senate Committee on Homeland Security. The Senator went on to predict great interest from disaster relief organizations as well as the military.

Flavor Tops has been licensed for certain applications to a multi-billion dollar global supplier of Flavors to consumer product companies, while Innovation Fund has retained other rights. Many of the top consumer product companies in the world are presently working on their own strategies to adopt this new patented technology.

Don Spector, who is also chairman of New York College of Health Professions (, is excited about the BottledWaterWorld Design Awards Ceremony to be held on September 19th in Italy, which Innovation Fund will attend as a finalist and potential winner for the “Closure of the Year.” Flavor Tops was already named ‘Innovation of the Week’ by Fortune Magazine in June.

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