06/12: News Channel 25
World Renowned Inventor, Donald Spector, Develops Patent for Wireless Electric Acupuncture Patches
06/12: MarketWatch
Don Spector, Prolific Inventor, Emerges as Corporate Game-Changer With Development of Life-Altering Technologies
06/4/06: Telecom Today
Donald Spector, Chairman of Innovation Fund already has a patent granted...
06/4/06: Blog Optimization Blog
The Answer may be the Licensing of Innovation Fund Patents...
06/4/06: Tomorrow's Trends
A new product called 'Flavor Tops' are tops that you can screw onto...
06/1/06: Certain Intelligence
Donald Spector, Chairman of Innovation Fund LLC, announced today that it has patented and developed technologies...
05/30/06: Twenty1F
New York College of Health Professions has received an exclusive license...
05/30/06: Acupuncture News
The New York College of Health Professions has obtained the patent...
05/30/06: Chinese Acupuncture
The New York College of Health Professions announced today...
05/26/06: Accupressure Outfits by Climatology
The new clothing brand is called MyChi...
05/26/06: Mellow Monk's Green Tea Blog
The New York College of Health Professions has announced...
05/25/06: BoingBoing
The New York College of Health Professionals, a holistic health school...
05/25/06: medGadget
A new line of clothing and accessories that provides acupuncture and acupressure...
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